Automatic Profile Stackers and Destackers

Designed to take the strain off manual stacking and destacking operations.

  • Reduced labour costs thanks to saving up to 4 to 6 operators per day for stacking at the saw.
  • Advantages for elimination of heavy duty / strain inducing work usually involved in manual stacking operations especially for often long and heavy profiles.
  • Improved safety for long and heavy profiles with less risk of accidents.
  • Reduced manhandling of profiles implies higher quality thanks to reduced risk of marking or scuffling the product.
  • Possibility of no-contact stacking between one layer and the successive one.
  • Possibility to optimize filling and stack more than one order in a single basket.
  • Possibility to use one profile de-stacker for up to 3 packing lines.
Stackers and Destackers


The longer and heavier the profile - the more justified the investment in automation - especially for stacking and de-stacking operations.

Stackers and Destackers for Long Profile

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