L.E.C. Stirrer - Low Energy Consumption

Without stirring the submerged scrap would take a very long time to melt down as it relies on conduction and convection heat transfer. Stirring the bath breaks this limitation and the heat transfer is greatly increased by convection effects.

The Low Energy Consumption stirrer in both versions for Melting & Holding furnaces creates a strong turbulent flow mixing the melt in the vertical & horizontal directions.

This flow has many benefits like increase melting capacity, speed up alloying process and reduce dross generation.

Low Energy Consumption Stirrer


  • Possibility of synchronous and asynchronous rotating
  • High-intensity of magnetic field
  • Fully customizable and programmable working cycles
  • Combination of rotating and translation movement
  • Air cooling through 2 dedicated fans
  • 80% less power used than conventional electromagnetic stirrer
  • Minimize dross formation for oxidation
  • Minimize specific energy consumption increasing the melting rate
  • Bath thermally and chemically homogenous


In a single chamber Melting Furnaces with 80t capacity working with our Low Energy Consumption stirrer we can achieve the following hourly energy consumption:

((33 kW * 20 minutes) + (22 kW * 40 minutes)) / 60 minutes = 25,66kWh

The traditional electromagnetic stirring technology consumption is around 105 kWh. Considering 330 days/year of operation the annual energy saving working with the Low Energy Consumption stirrer instead of with traditional stirrer is:

(105 kWh - 25,66 kWh) * 20 h/day * 330 days/year = 523.644 kWh/ year

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