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Profile Automation confirms itself as a notable supplier in the Middle East Area, for the packing and handling sector. In fact, another important order for a complete packing line has been delivered and already started up for the customer Al Taisser, with head office in Riyadh (KSA).
The packing line consists in an innovative system of loading and unloading of the baskets that, thanks to its special 2 levels layout, allows to optimize the spaces and to reduce the waiting time of the operators. The very packaging part is composed by a profile wrapping line for high levels of production and by a semi-automatic strapping line, particularly effective for its reduced dimensions and for its functional simplicity.

The system of loading and unloading of the baskets is composed by 2 levels of catenary, one higher and movable and one lower and fixed, by one hydraulic platform for the lifting of the baskets towards the upper floor and by two more hydraulic platforms that allow to keep the profiles at an ergonomic highness, thus facilitating and accelerating the operators work.
The wrapping line is equipped with a loading table that automatically feed the wrapper and the taping machine for the front end and back end of the packs. At unloading, a special bundle stacking machine, is able to form the packs with the insertion of a cardboard that protects the lower part during the forklift grip.
At unloading of the wrapping line the packs are weighed and piled up before the final phase of packing. An innovative overhead linear strapping machine allows, with just one operator, to load and fix the wood blocks.
The head of the strapping machine is programmed to stop automatically in the position of insertion of the wood blocks where the operator, by pushing a button, can switch on the strap to later weld it with a pneumatic strapping machine fixed on the movable cart.

This kind of system, particularly simple and easy to use, allows to get great results in terms of production, maintaining to the minimum the initial investment cost and reducing considerably the labor costs.

Profile Automation Leader in Middle East