Integrated Systems with Billet Ovens + Hot Shear (saw) for Aluminium Logs

For aluminium extrusion, COIM supplies a turn-key solution with the oven + hot shear (saw) for logs.
Apart from those advantages of our billet furnace which have already been mentioned, our integrated systems combine a high precision of the cutting cycle with sophisticated control systems for the stringent parameters required for example by the automotive sector (CQI-9 standards).

Our cutting machines are characterized by their solid construction and reliability, as well as for the precision of the cut and "zero waste".
The opportunity offered by the PE Group to supply turn-key extrusion lines allows the customer to not have to worry about any problems which could arise for the mechanical and software interface between machinery provided by different suppliers, requiring just one single company to reach the production requirements and efficiencies for a whole line.


  • Solid construction and reliability.
  • High cut precision.
  • Highly reproducible readings for measurement checks and temperature readings according to CQI -9 standards.
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs.
  • Integration and synergy for complete lines supplied by the PE Group (mechanical and software interface, data and order handling, setting and memorizing machine working parameters according to product, guarantee for final result).

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