Thermal Treatment Ovens for Copper

COIM is able to provide various standard as well as custom made solutions for the normalizing or annealing heat treatment of bars and tubes made of copper and copper alloys (brass).

In 40 years of experience we have acquired a considerable amount of experience, transforming it into know-how at the highest level both for direct heating as well as indirect heating systems, even applying and using technologies involving heat-treatment in a vacuum or in a controlled environment.
Energy efficiency is a must even at the design stage for these types of ovens, requiring pre-heating using a forced air flow and by employing high efficiency regenerative burners.

In particular, for this sector, COIM has developed its own technology for the continuous heating of nozzles (jet impingement).
The convection fans used have been developed together with one of the leading companies in the sector, specialized in machines for very high temperatures, with the guarantee of the highest performance possible, the guarantee of reduced energy consumption and long-term reliability.

The movements of the loads in the ovens is personalized according to the different types of material to be handled (whether in baskets or on carts, as well as on rollers or chain conveyors, in either batch ovens or continuous flow ovens).

Great attention has also been paid to temperature control and setting up the ovens into various heating zones, allowing the operator to establish the heating treatment according to ramps (recipes) which are flexible and can be personalized, according to experience and the type of alloy to be treated.

Thermal Treatment Ovens for Copper


  • Accurate heating up thanks to the “jet impingement” technology.
  • Flexible and personalized recipes for heating cycles.
  • Solid construction and reliability and safe working at high temperatures.
  • Low energy consumption - both for gas and electricity.

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