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The sustainability policies promoted by our Group can be viewed at the dedicated minisite. The publication of analysis, data and insights on ESG issues are at the core of our commitment and we wish to share them with all our stakeholders.

Integrated Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2021

We are Passionate about our work

No movement grows from a single individual. We need a group of people united by something strong, a common goal, only reachable with the passion for their work, a passion that drives us to pay attention to the quality of our products and the look towards the future and its innovation.

Our Values


Every day we care for a better tomorrow. Thanks to our technologies, we enable our customers to have environmentally friendly production without having to sacrifice production performance and efficiency.


Over the years, the Presezzi Group has built up its business around people driven by commitment and enthusiasm, who place their ideas and contribution to company growth at the centre of its philosophy.


Our company designs and manufactures machines equipped with the very best, cutting-edge and constantly evolving technologies delivered worldwide.

Complete Extrusion Plant

The creation of the Presezzi Extrusion Group now means that customers can entrust all their extrusion requirements to a single, consolidated industrial reality, whose management dedicates itself to a constant technological growth, supported by the continuous, highly qualified activities in its R&D department.

Automotive Market

The Presezzi Extrusion Group plants are perfect example of innovation and technology in the specific field of automotive market.

Today's automotive market is based on three fundamental points: safety, light weight and comfort.
To achieve these objectives, aluminum is used as a construction material which, thanks to its light weight (due to its lower density) and its moldable, allows, after the extrusion and forming processes, to create: car frames, bumpers , wheels etc ...

What They Say

Why Choose Us


Each project we undertake is a journey to be followed with attention, dedication and professionalism.

Remote Assistance

Even after our machines are assembled, they are followed and monitored by our Service department.


Why should you contact us for Revamping? To achieve a single goal: reduce downtime and restore production reliability to your extrusion press.

Research & Development

Our Research & Development department works round the clock regardless of market trends.

Main Contractor

Being considered as a candidate as the main contractor in order to simplify the handling of financial matters for the customer.

Perfect Synergie

Perfect synergy between the realities of the production and service departments within the group.

Energy Saving

We are not lazy, we are in "Energy Saving" mode!
Our plants allow significant energy savings.

High Quality

The use of last generation and innovative 3D design systems lets us design and engineer our products with the highest level of detail and quality.


The utmost flexibility in the supply of complete turn-key installations as well as standalone units.