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The company Alumex PLC has entrusted the manufacture of a new 23 MN Front Loading press equipped with tooling for 7" to Presezzi Extrusion. The press is designed and engineered to serve the Construction industry and to meet its technical requirements and quality.
The press is equipped with the most advanced automation systems and also an innovative system for energy saving based on a patent developed by the R&D center of Presezzi Extrusion called PE.E.S.S. PATENT. In addition, our customers are assisted by an international team who provide a service that operates very efficiently. This has allowed us to gain the best trust of our partners, even ones who are geographically very far from us. We have also designed a system incorporating tele-assistance and a blackbox which is fitted on all our machines.
These allow us to constantly monitor from our Italian headquarters, on a 24 hour basis, any technical anomaly and to intervene promptly, reducing to almost zero any assistance at the physical location.

Presezzi Extrusion Group in Sri Lanka