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The company ALU-MENZIKEN has assigned an important order to the company Melting Technology (a division of the Presezzi Extrusion Group) for the supply of 2 "Dross Coolers" with the aim of maximizing the metal recovered from the dross resulting from the melting process for aluminium scrap. The Presezzi Extrusion "Dross Cooler" is the most efficient, safest and environmentally sound of all the cooling methods actually available on the market: this can be explained by the fact that the thermiting process is stopped as soon as the inert gas is applied. The Presezzi Extrusion "Dross Cooler" has the following state of the art features:

  • Completely safe because no water is required
  • Environmentally sound therefore no emission of dust or fumes
  • Provides uncomplicated working conditions and is therefore extremely operator friendly
  • Can be used to treats all kinds of dross

The Presezzi Extrusion "Dross Cooler" consists of a base with a movable hood which is lowered to provide a seal once the container with the hot dross is placed inside it. The hood is immediately sealed and then there is the first injection of inert gas in order to displace the oxygen present as rapidly as possible. Following the first purge, the inert gas flow is reduced for the remainder of the cycle. Special materials will be used for the construction of the hood to increase the heat absorption rate and the special design of the dross container allows a faster heat dissipation from the dross to the internal ambient under the hood.

Each "Dross Cooler" designed by the Research & Development center of the Presezzi Extrusion Group will be able to treat approximately 6.400 kg/day.

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