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Hydro Extrusion Spain ( has awarded Presezzi Extrusion Group a contract to increase the force of the Presezzi press (made in 2008) from 3500 MT up to 4000 MT.

This decision has been reached due to the necessity to revamp the press from Ø 9" to Ø 10", increasing also the length of the billet up to 1450 mm. Considering the Hydro Navarra production of the last years, the target of the project is to produce profile bigger in weight, so it’s necessary an bigger billet (Ø 10" x 1450mm), to have also the possibility to produce profiles with increase width dimensions and to reduce scraps.

The NEW main components/groups involved in this revamping are the following:

  • Nr. 1 front platen
  • Nr. 1 safety door device with cameras
  • Nr. 1 pressure pad for front platen
  • Nr. 1 safety door device with cameras
  • Nr. 4 tie rods with nr. 8 nuts
  • Nr. 4 casings
  • Nr. 1 moving crosshead
  • Nr. 1 pressure pad for moving crosshead
  • Nr. 2 containers for billet ø10” x 1450mm
  • Nr. 1 group arm device for the loading of the cleaning block in the centre line
  • Additional hydraulic and electrical components.
The installation, start-up and commissioning is foreseen in August 2020.

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